Flying Heroes

8_1Flying Heroes takes place in the magical, mythical world of Hesperia. It’s a land of history filled with conflict and bloody battles between four clans — the Magion, Sky Knights, Lizard Riders, and Hammercraft. Struggles for dominance consumed the lands until a better way of dealing with their aggressive natures and hatred towards one another was discovered. Emperor Atlanton II, in an effort to stop the destruction of the world, organized a tournament of aerial battle. Each clan rallied behind their best and brightest pilots, sending them to compete in the Air Battle.

The Air Battle was unlike anything the inhabitants of Hesperia had ever seen — no one died. The winner was the one with the best overall record — shooting others down many more times than being shot down himself. In the years since the original tournament was held an entire league system has evolved with war and bloodshed now being a thing of the past. It’s a somewhat cheese-filled attempt at a plot, but it’s nonetheless a good enough reason to fight, and that’s good enough for me.

Flying Heroes ScreenshotBeginning the campaign players are either a member of the Lizard Riders or the Magion. Equipped with little money, few weapons and only the most basic mode of transportation the object is to upgrade as quickly as possible and win. In the case of the Magion your transportation is a magic carpet and for the Lizard Riders a small brown dragon (Geddub). Each clan gives you the opportunity to fly six different animals, items, or machines. Some of the more recognizable aircraft are the Trigga — a two headed red dragon, the Coach — a baby buggy, the Zeppelin, and the Teapot. Illusion Softworks has certainly added humor to the game with the available flight options. Seeing a Winged Barrel shooting you down can take your confidence down a notch or two and at the same time bring a smile to your face. The Sky Knights and the Hammercraft however are not available until you’ve beaten the League with the Magion and Lizard Riders.

One of the best things about Flying Heroes is that you begin your struggle with a coach. Your coach will guide you in battle tactics and give you advice to help you succeed monetarily. Each of the clans has one specific person who coaches the new recruits. It is a good thing to remember that not all Hesperians are given the opportunity to become a member of the League, it is an honored position, one to be treasured.

2_1The League is comprised of three divisions — Iron, Silver, and Gold levels. To progress to a new level the player must finish the season in first place. The Iron League consists of four matches, the Silver has seven, and the Gold contains ten. The matches can be the basic timed deathmatch where the person with the most frags as time expires wins, a frag limit deathmatch where as soon as one player reaches the specified number of frags it’s over, and one called tag where the person tagged for the least amount of time is the winner. Intermixed with these contests are quests and special tasks.

Taking a page from Magic Carpet, Flying Heroes adopts its fantasy setting as well as mana and magic used in combat. In addition it borrows heavily from 3D shooters like Unreal Tournament where you battle through the tournament to get to the top and have ultimate bragging rights. In Flying Heroes pilots who reach the top become legends for the entire world to recognize.

Ultimately the entire game centers around your success or failure in aerial combat. Whatever you have to do to achieve success is not only needed but necessary. Players battle in League Matches earning money for each opponent they frag. The money in turn allows them to upgrade their weapons.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, 600 MB HDD, Win95

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