F1 Manager ’96

Snap46F1 Manager 96 doesn’t put you behind the steering wheel, but instead hands you the logistics of running an F1 team during the 1996 season. Created by German developer Software 2000, this game was mostly popular in Europe, but generated enough success for an English translation and transatlantic release. Playing this manger requires a combination of business as well as engineering proficiency, but the amount of control you have at your disposal as a result is terrific. Everything from sponsors, contracts and engineers to merchandising is under your control.

The interface is high-resolution and completely icon-driver, meaning you never have to click for very long to find the menu, chart or diagram you want (there are plenty). You have to consider multiple design variables when upgrading your car, and can wach the race as it unfolds in great detail, down to every last sponsor ad. If you’re a general fan of management games, on top of it all enjoy Formula 1, then this detailed sim is something to consider.

System Requirements: Pentium 75 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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