Based on the TV show by Everett Peck, Duckman the adventure game features the same rude and sleazy protagonist. He is the master of the smart-mouthed one liner, and sexual innuendo. If your sense of humour leans towards South Park styled shock humor, then Duckman should fit the bill. Duckman is a private detective, handling those cases no one else will touch.

After spending several months at the Abs n’ Ass health spa, lolling about in the jacuzzi with nymphets and neglecting family and career alike, Duckman discovers the network has replaced him with a new improved likeable Duckman. He is no longer a TV celebrity, but only a scrawny yellow nobody. Even Cornfed has remained at the network. Duckman must get his career back.

9Playing the game, you can approach situations with either two selectable modes – normal and pissed off. Interacting with objects in the former will usually elicit useful information. In the latter mode it may result in some action, and will be necessary for some others. It is also the mode used for taking items from the inventory. A Duckman cursor will indicate which mood he is in, and what can be interacted with. It will also indicate where you can exit the screens or move to another view.

The interface and gameplay is not complex to work out. The puzzles are predominantly inventory based, and are not terribly difficult. In truth, the game plays more like an interactive episode of Duckman, and will for that reason likely be enjoyed most by those who like the show. The graphics are simple and somewhat reminiscent of Sam & Max Hit the Road, although the humor is a lot more coarse.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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