Earth 2150: Lost Souls

One of the most attractive features of the Earth 2150 games is the handling of unit production: instead of churning out a set variety of units, you mix and-match chassis, weapons, shields, and armor to make customized weapons of war. Each side has unique weapon mounts — e.g., plasma guns for the United Civilized States and sonic cannons for the Lunar Corp. All weapons can be improved through research.

Snap301You can hardly call Lost Souls a sequel, but this standalone product does stand tall with its huge campaigns for each of the three belligerent sides, multiplayer and a skirmish mode. The control system is still nice – a mouse-based system for tilting, rotating, and zooming makes viewing the battlefield easy. Though the graphics engine is identical to that of the original Earth 2150, it’s still spectacular. Especially cool are the night battles as the land lights up with some very cool pyrotechnics.

Lost Souls offers few new units or gameplay enhancements to distinguish itself from Earth 2150: The Moon Project, but it makes up with the number of missions within its campaigns.

System Requirements: Pentium 133, 32 MB RAM, 8 MB Video, Win95

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