Delta V

Remember those cheesy 90s representations of ‘cyberspace’, where a character from a movie would get teleported into futuristic alternate realities filled with lots flashing lights and fancy tech? You get some of that in Delta V, a sci-fi action game that borders somewhere between interesting and frustratingly annoying.

9But for a start, one must give credit where it’s due and give a respectful bow to the 3D engine. The action in Delta V is rendered in fully textured 3D, which is quite an accomplishment for 1994. You’ll fly through the game’s 3D cyberspace trenches at breakneck speeds, trying to beat each arena without crashing your craft. You’ll face all sort of obstacles as you fly around – narrow tunnels, traps and timed blocks – but must try your best to navigate around this maze without being destroyed.

Sounds simple? It is, and that’s the problem. The game is also much too fast, giving you a bad case of tunnel vision after barely just a few minutes of gameplay. There’s also joystick support, but the input is far too sensitive to be of any use (gently nudging your craft with the keyboard yields better results). Alas, Delta V ends up being a game that’s more fun to watch than play.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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