Deadly Tide

Early 3D didn’t have the power to render huge, detailed worlds that would run at smooth framerates. An alternate solution to this was the rail shooter – a spectacular pre-rendered ride where the only form of interaction you could hope for was usually shooting stuff that came at you. They were basically shooting gallery with pretty graphics, as was the case with developer Rainbow’s game Deadly Tide.

12To its credit, Deadly Tide is a really good shooting gallery. In many parts, you even have full, 360-degree control of your motion, a first for this kind of design. The ongoing story for the non-stop action is basically in the style of an action movie, only this time done underwater in dark, brooding environments, with you as the lone hero. It doesn’t take too much effort to feel like you really are playing such a movie interactively, since there’s enough attention paid to the pacing of play to keep you interested all the way through the game.

Deadly Tide is simple, dumb fun where fast reflexes dictate success or failure. Don’t expect too much in the way of complicated gaming, and you’ll have a blast.

System Requirements: 80486 33 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, DOS

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