Chaos Control

The year is 2050, and the Kesh Rhan, an evil and highly advanced civilization, is hungry for new turf — Earth’s turf, to be exact. But never fear; you, as Jessica Darkhill, are Earth’s best hope against a surprise alien attack. You’ll pilot a fighter craft against swarms of enemy ships about to storm earth, and even take a virtual-reality ride inside a bug-infested computer system before the final dramatic showdown.

3You’ve seen it done before, but Chaos Control does it better than most. There are two difficulty settings, but even on the easier setting, the swarm of foes are tough, and it’ll probably take more than a few tries to get through each level. But what makes Chaos Control a better-than-average rail shooter is that it brings some clever little extras to the table, pulling you into the game with sensational graphics and the comic-book-style story of Jessica Darkhill’s trials and tribulations.

And it will pull you in. The 3D graphics that make up the backgrounds and enemy forces during gameplay are nothing short of brilliant. And the cut-scenes combine the popular Japanese style of animation made famous by the Speed Racer cartoons with computer-generated graphics to tell the game’s story in a dark, moody tone.

There are four in-depth battle sequences, all building toward your main goal of breaking through the alien defenses and knocking out the Kesh Rhan flagship. Each takes you through unique environments: one takes place in New York City, complete with a thrilling fly-by of the Statue of Liberty; another is set inside a computer system, where you blast alien viruses which appear as mechanized bugs, ships and other weapons.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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