Dark Woods 2

Dark Woods 2
Platforms: PC
Publisher: Jocke The Beast
Developer: Jocke The Beast
Genres: RPG / Classic Role-Playing
Release Date: February 17, 2002
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Dark Woods 2 is a free top-down adventure game with graphics made entirely out of ASCII characters. The game world is divided into levels, which contain items that are needed to complete them, and enemies that have to be avoided or outsmarted. The game features 11 levels and the option to make/play custom levels. The sequel to Dark Woods starts in the ruined castle, where the original has ended. You, Eduin the fearless adventurer, must find your village that is located in the Dark Woods. You will not be alone. Evil creatures will try to stop you, and you will have to use your strength and mind to be successful.

System Requirements: 80386 CPU, 512 KB RAM, DOS

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