Crime Life: Gang Wars

7In short, Crime Life: Gang Wars is a mission-based fighting game. You’ll spend plenty of time being randomly violent in order to gain respect in your gang, the Outlawz, unfortunately you’ll do it with just two attacks and a block. There are modifiers and special moves that come out once you’ve ramped up your adrenaline meter, but there’s little flair to the animation. By combining the shift and space keys, and mouse buttons, you can kick, throw and punch opponents around. Often you’ll participate in large skirmishes between multiple gang members.

Things do get pretty amusing when both the animation and fighting systems are put to the test during massive gang on gang fights. The characters blend into one another in a sea of waving arms and legs, and good luck trying to what is going on or who is winning. Because Crime Life is basically a process of you running around the world and trying to complete your next mission as you are attacked by wave upon wave of Headhunterz, you’ll get to see these confusing scenes frequently.

In Crime Life: Gang Wars you play Tre, a wannabe gangster who is proving to his friends just how cool he is by making lots and lots of trouble on the streets. You’ve just joined the Outlawz, who are at war with the rival gang, the Headhunterz. No, the Headhunterz aren’t renegade recruitment agents, though that might have possibly been more interesting than the clichéd rivalry that Konami has engineered in this game.

10There is an impressive list of trouble you can get into, smash and grabs, street fights, shoplifting, drive by’s and the list goes on. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of difference in practice between the various missions and if you’re playing using your keyboard, prepare to wear out that spacebar. You can also play this game with the controller from the XBOX, which in theory should be plug and play. Unfortunately that was not to be, and configuring the controller was one of the more challenging aspects of playing the game.

It’s visually lame, and has one of the most confusing and hard to control cameras in any game. The first Tomb Raider, in comparison, had a much more fluid camera and control scheme. If none of these aspects throw you off from playing this exceptionally sloppy port, then by all means, proceed and suffer.

System Requirements: Pentium III 700 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.4 GB HDD, WinXP

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