Combat Medic: Special Ops

Your job in Combat Medic, as a member of U.S. peacekeeping forces deployed in the Middle East, is to treat the wounded while keeping the bad guys at bay. Gameplay consists of directing a team of grainy soldiers around a lumpy top-down map. When you encounter wounded soldiers, the game switches to a pseudo-3D view, and you’re on scalpel duty in something vaguely resembling human form wearing combat fatigues. Every now and then, the screen flashes yellow, which indicates you’re being shot at. You can either stick with your patient or zip back to the 2D interface to trade bullets with baddies.

2Performance is appalling for a game that looks like it was mugged and left for dead after a beating with the ugly stick. Placing splints and syringes over body parts is a complex and infuriating game of “hover and twitch.†Realistic medical processes are admirably constructed, but the tutorial is woefully inadequate, and you’ll spend most of the game clicking for hints with no idea where the next step is heading. The top-down combat is a pointless arcade throwback. Point, click, fire, repeat — it offers next to zero enjoyment.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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