Carnivores: Cityscape

As if the first three Carnivores games weren’t the cause of enough suffering, along comes Carnivores Cityscape, which tries to offer a more traditional first-person take. (The operative word is tries.) You get two campaigns, unique mission objectives, and even a multiplayer component. But sadly, like the previous Carnivores games, Cityscape is just a Festival of Crap.

The setup: A spaceship carrying dinosaurs crashes on a populated planet. The dinosaurs get free and chaos ensues. Cityscape has 20 missions total, and you can play all of the missions as a human or as a dinosaur. Completing each mission requires that you meet objectives, such as reaching a location or freeing some poor soul.

6_1It’s a good idea in principle, and munching people as a dinosaur is moderately amusing, but the level designs are horrid. Enemies are always in the same place, so once you memorize their location, you can blow right past them. And even if you don’t remember where they are, the brainless AI won’t present much of a challenge — enemies exhibit one behavior, the blind charge. The best thing about Cityscape is its graphics, and even those are a mixed bag. But the loading times are long, and clipping and collision problems constantly hinder your progress.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win98

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