Big Biz Tycoon

It’s not your typical business sim! No, Big Biz Tycoon is a business sim with a heart. Instead of manipulating abstract financials and faceless departments, you’re facing the workforce — hiring each individual, overseeing career paths, and maintaining a pleasant work environment by shifting cosmetic variables. Happy employees plus smart money-management wins the game. Too bad an incomplete tutorial doesn’t help you grasp the more subtle aspects of the game.

Graphics and sound are passable at best, but I found it intriguing to manage the development of a burgeoning company. In a nod to The Sims, the game requires that you decorate and maintain your offices to employee taste. Your interior-design skills moderate employee satisfaction and how attractive your company is to new hires.

7_1Each employee has specific attributes tailored to particular tasks, so you’ll need to balance teams to optimize projects. You also have to borrow money wisely, and hire marketing teams to sell your products. You can even steal employees from the competition, or make an IPO offering if you enjoy sustained success. Given the stunning international success of The Sims, it’s not surprising to see a developer graft similar elements onto a business sim. Indeed, Big Biz Tycoon actually has more value than the budget price it originally sold for.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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