Army Men: Air Attack

Snap510_1This is going to be a short hit piece because there’s really not all that much to write about. While previous Army Men games were complex enough to attract an adult audience, Air Attack is mostly simplified arcade action packaged for kids aged 7 and up. You take your plastic chopper (either a Huey, Chinook, Super Stallion or Apache) to the skies and proceed to blast through level after level of hostile tan elements while simultaneously looking after your friendly green troops. You sometimes have to see to specific objectives, targets and whatnot but the general rule is to shoot anything that isn’t green.

The controls are arcade to the extreme and most the levels tend to be straightforward. Sure you sometimes find the neat flame weapon (which you hoist up using a retractable hook) or have to rescue lost grunts, but none of it strays far from the simple shoot ’em up formula. The arcade game mechanics and easygoing difficulty of Air Attacks mainly suits its target kiddy audience. The keyboard controls are more than a little awkward, so you’re actually much better off playing this on your PlayStation.

System Requirements: P 300, 32 MB RAM, 530 MB HDD, Win95

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