From Dusk Till Dawn

13_1Based on the movie with the same name, From Dusk Till Dawn is an action game that can be viewed from either a first or third-person perspective. Players take on the role of Seth Gecko as he begins his ascent to freedom, while killing as many blood suckers as humanly possible through 20 long levels.

If you’ve watched the movie, you’ll probably already be familiar with the basic vampiric theme. Armed with sharp teeth and an assortment of weapons, these guys look like they came straight from the set of Resident Evil, plodding around like zombies. While you expect them to leap across rooms, tossing characters around like rag dolls with their superhuman powers, such abilities are instead reserved for boss enemies. Instead, the vampires’ strength are in numbers.

Besides the main goal of reaching the top of the ship, missions often involve secondary objectives, such as escorting a Pastor through the carnage so that he may flood the ship’s deck with holy water. Ushering such NPCs can be a task in itself. Many of their actions are pre-scripted and once they die, you’ll have to restart the level. You’ll also encounter various crew members, such as mechanics and armed marines, who help in the struggle, often engaging vampires and creating immense battle scenes, particularly in the later half of the game as the enemies increase in number.

2_1Seth wreaks havoc with the usual suspects of weaponry, including a grenade launcher, shotgun, assault rifle and flamethrower, plus less conventions weapons such as holy water. Some of the weapons are ineffective against particular vampires, so you likely won’t find yourself using the same weapon over and over again. You can also kill vampires and gain health back at the same time by standing over your potential victim and driving a stake through their heart, a move that takes time to get used too. And of course, med-kits, as they are in all games, are conveniently scattered throughout.

From Dusk Till Dawn, the game, is similar to its big screen counterpart. At first, they’re smart, sharp and energetic, but by the mid-way point, they disintegrate into a repetitious gore fest.

System Requirements: Pentium II 400 GHz, 64 MB RAM, Win98

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