Flight Commander 2

Flight Commander 2 simulates modern air combat from a strategic perspective, which is to say it uses a top down interface that renders everything with spartan graphics and not much animation. The better side of this product is that, despite the minimalist visuals, the game actually does manage to pull off a few strategic tricks. Being one of few games that simulates air combat exclusively makes it unique in its own way.

5Being made by Avalan Hill, the interface, gameplay and visuals resemble that of a traditional boardgame. Though here the AI handles most of busywork, including calculating the fog of war, taking Flight Commander 2 beyond the capabilities of its table-top competition. Although aimed at a niche audience, the game does offer both simple and advanced games. When you have grasped the basic principles, a range of rules gradually introduce more complex rules to make things feel more realistic.

Being a turn-based game, play is divided into an order phase and an execution phase. With all of the advanced rules in effect, including complex aerial moves, you can do quite a lot. When giving orders to aircraft, flight paths are displayed so you know where they will end up upon the completion of the execution phase. The game is fairly slow, as it can take time to give orders to a complete squad of aircraft. As you command them, you will eventually cross enemy planes, and have to sort out dogfights in the same turn-based format.

System Requirements: 386 CPU, 4 MB RAM, 9 MB HDD, Win 3.1

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