Snap43Abuse is a game that becomes increasingly more engaging as you play. That’s important to know, because at first Abuse might not really grab you — and if you don’t stick with it, you’ll be missing out on a lot. You play this side-scrolling shooter using a combination of the mouse and keyboard, a control scheme that was ahead of its time. You run your character back and forth, make him jump, and activate special devices with your cursor keys. The mouse is used to aim and fire.

As you get used to the interface and begin to depend on it, you’ll start to notice how well-designed the rest of the game is. Although the graphics won’t knock you out, they’re certainly good enough. The sound throughout the game — and especially the levels themselves — probably will knock you out, though. Once you get into the game, you’ll find that the levels are full of alternate paths, hidden rooms, and exploding floors that can either wipe out all the enemies around you, or drop you into even more trouble.

Snap51Another bit of strategy comes in as you gather the very different weapons available throughout the game. They range from laser rifles to powerful missile launchers, and using the right weapon for the job can be the difference between life and death. Getting into the right position to use the weapons is important, too; if you find yourself in a room full of enemies, you’d better get out of their and into a nice, tight passageway, forcing the enemies to come at you a few at a time.

This is a great shooter, with enough action and strategy to hook anyone who invests the time required to get familiar with the interface.

System Requirements: 40486/66 CPU, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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