Wing Commander Privateer: Gemini Gold

Privateer is reborn in this fan-made remake.


A close-up view of your rinky-dink ship.

There can’t be many of you who hadn’t heard of Wing Commander, the famous space combat sim from ORIGIN. Both the first and second game pushed the envelope forward as far as action and story, but it was only until the third game – an indirect sequel of sorts called Wing Commander Privateer – did the series really stray off into new territory. And yes, Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold is a remake of the original Privateer from 1993. It features the same gameplay, same design, sounds, and style while having the luxury of updated 3D graphics and compatibility with modern systems.

The visuals of Gemini Gold – a cool blend of DOS-dated retro and 3D – should especially suit players who’ve never played Privateer because of the graphics, while old time players should feel right at home. You essentially pilot a hunk of space junk and attempt to make a profit out of it. You go around trading commodities between planets and space stations, raid convoys, attempt missions and fight enemies. With the credits you earn you can buy better equipment for your ships, update its software packages (such as Radar), or even buy new and better ships that are more resilient in battles.

It’s still an intimidating beast for new players. The first couple of hours takes a lot of grinding as you oh so boringly trade commodities just to spruce up your ship, getting harassed all along the way. Buying a Jump Drive, which you don’t start with, lets you explore the deeper ends of space and attempt more profitable missions or trading routes.


Some 2D art is retained from the original.

The remake is far from perfect, however. A number of bugs creep in from time to time, including one that doesn’t allow you to trade certain weapons, or another that multiplies enemy ships upon saving. If you won’t mind these, or the game’s grinding start before you can have a combat-ready ship for attempting proper missions, then you should have a jolly good time with this overall quality, fun remake of WC Privateer.

System Requirements: Pentium III, 256 MB RAM, 64 MB Video, Windows 2000

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