Ultimate Soccer Manager 98

Following on the footsteps of its predecessor, USM 98 brings the series to a new level while keeping the same presentation and style characteristic of the series.

The biggest change when compared to USM 2 is the implementation of all leagues in the same executable, which allow players to jump between England (all five nationwide leagues), Scotland (four), Germany (both Bundeslligas and the Regionaliga), Spain, France and Italy (two divisions each). Signings were also changed, and now require a number of faxes between the clubs and the player, which can delay a transfer. Players now also have positions, defined by skills.

5A player with high tackling is a defender, both high tackling and passing is a defensive midfielder, and so on. By intensive training a player can be adapted successfully to a new position, and there’s also a favorite side, which makes the difference between an attacking midfielder and a winger. On the downside, players no longer have a personality trait. With the exception of the player’s potential (which defines the speed a player, particularly young, increases his abilities), everything can be edited using the in-game editor.

The rest of the game remained mostly unchanged, from the interface, composed by static pictures of several offices where options are reached by clicking on hotspots (like a TV for the teletext, where in-depth statistics can be consulted) to the financial options, where the player is given the lot of land close to the stadium to build stores for both marketing and merchandising.

System Requirements: Pentium 90 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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