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  • How To Connect Multiple Joysticks To One PC

    This tutorial will show you how to attach more than one joystick to a single PC and use both of them when playing games. This is useful because one can convert your extra joystick to work as a rudder control, or throttle, or many other things – so it’s basically a cheap workaround if you can’t get proper rudder pedals!

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  • How To Run Games in a Window & Record Gameplay

    Feel like recording gameplay footage from the classics only to find that neither Fraps, Bandicam nor any other recording software is up to the job? No worries. We’ll explore some solutions that will let you record gameplay and take screenshots from old games.

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  • How to Record Game Sound Without Stereo Mix

    Trying to get that awesome gameplay footage on YouTube only to find that your recording software can’t seem to record sound? You’re not alone. Find out how you can record audible gameplay videos with only a pair of cheap cables!

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  • How to play IPX / SPX games over LAN (WinXP)

    Multiplayer games such as Diablo, C&C: Red Alert 2, Carmageddon, Age of Empires 2, Atomic Bomberman, Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri and many other 90’s-era titles used IPX / SPX as their protocol of choice for local multiplayer. Windows based IPX games are fully playable after enabling and configuring a LAN connection to support IPX / SPX […]

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  • How to set up a LAN connection in WinXP

    Wednesday, April 10, 2013

    How to set up a LAN connection in WinXP

    Countless games are playable over a Local Area Network provided you can pull through the hassle of actually establishing a working connection. This guide will attempt to make the process quick and painless for beginners.

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