SiN – Cheat Codes

Press ~ (tilde) to access the console, then enter the following codes:

/health 999
/spawn item_name
map map_name
God mode
All weapons
No clipping
No target
Spawn item (see list below)
Jump to map (see list below)

Alternative Codes:

Again, lower the console and type any of these codes:

god – God mode
noclip – No clipping mode
notarget – No target
give all – Get all weapons

Item Names:

smallhealth, health, largehealth, megahealth, apple, banana, sandwich, cookies, mutagen, adrenaline, cloack, riothelm, flackjacket, flakpants, glowstick, code, comlink, scubagear, oxygen, dollar, idcard, passcode, u4ample, moneybag, blueprints, orangecard, yellowcard, greencard, pulsepart1, pulsepart2, pulsepart3, genericpulsepart, envelope, evidence, candybar

Ammo and weapon item names:

357, 10mm, 50mm, buckshot, spears, rockets, plasma, spidermines
magnum, shotgun, assaultrifle, rocketlauncher, sniperrifle, quantum, speargun, heligun, thrallgun

NPC names:

thug, grunt, cworker, bacrodai, manumit, vultorn, gruntcapt, camgun, camgun2, reconah, seurton, pinphat, secrover, peon, dark, nautic, sea, mancini, pl_elexis, eonandpeon, thrall

Map List

intro – Air assault on Freeport city bank
bank – Freeport city bank
abandon – Abandoned buildings
csite – Construction zone
subway – Abandoned subway
chem1 – SinTek Chemical labs
chem2 – SinTek Chemical plant
whouse1 – SinTek Outside warehouse
whouse2 – SinTek Warehouse
biomecha – Biomech security
biomechb – Biomech factory
silo – Missile silo
sewera – Freeport sewers
sewerb – Lower Freeport sewers
aq1 – Freeport aqueducts
dam – Freeport city dam
wworks1 – Freeport water works
wworks2 – Freeport water works 2
oilrig – SinTek oilrig
uwpass1 – Underwater pass
uwpass2 – Underwater passage
docks1 – Hidden docks
docks2 – Submarinal cargo station
jungle – Jungle pass
gorge – Mountain gorge
area57 – Containment Area 57
xeno1 – Xenomorphic labs
xeno2 – Xenomorphic studies
mansion1 – Estate Sinclaire
mansion2 – Estate Sinclaire 2
phoenix – Munt phoenix
thrall – Thrall’s pit
geo1 – Geothermal plant (secret level)
geo2 – Geothermal substation (secret level)
jungle2 – Jungle pass 2 (secret level)
biomass – Biomass reclaimation center (secret level)