Rage of Mages

Rage of Mages
Platforms: PC
Publisher: Monolith Productions
Developer: Nival Entertainment
Genres: RPG / Action Role-Playing
Release Date: 1998
Game Modes: Singlepalyer / Multiplayer

I rage at Rage of Mages.

11_1When genres collide, the results can be unpredictable. The blend of role-playing and strategy has had some success in the past, as was the case with Magic and Mayhem or the wildly successful Heroes of Might and Magic series. While unlikely to satisfy hardcore fans of either genre, Rage of Mages is a nonetheless amusing product from Moscow developer Nival. Stats, character building, treasure hoarding, classes – most of the role-playing conventions make an appearance here, folded in a rather curious RTS format.

Rage of Mages originated in Russia, which explains the flat dialog and bad voice-acting along the branching singleplayer campaign. You start the game with a couple of heroes, and based on your actions they evolve from wimps to powerful fighters or mages. From a central town, you’re able to equip your heroes and increase their skills or recruit hired blades to tag along on your quests.

Once you’ve generated a character and chosen your initial weapon (or if you’re a mage, your specialization — earth, fire, water, or air), you’re launched into the game. If you’ve played Command & Conquer or any of its countless clones, you already know the interface. Click on your hero, click somewhere on the map to move him, click on the enemies to attack them, etc.

Outside of an unresponsive AI and a rusty interface, the biggest problem here is that the RTS format of the campaign gets repetitive fast. It might take a few levels for this to sink in, but eventually you realize it’s just one huge cavalcade of C&C ‘puzzle’ missions with the added novelty of character development. This is a relatively simple ‘take it or leave it’ sort of deal, as whether you’re looking for a role-playing experience or a fast-paced strategy game, there are still better options out there.

System Requirements: Pentium 100 Mhz, 16 MB RAM, Windows 95

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  1. Game Guru says:

    This game is truly amazing!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t work for me…

    Pixel errors… did everything I could (compatibity mode etc) and file didn’t come with mountable iso… changed the format to iso but I dunno if that stopped the file from working.

    The settings on the start-up page won’t let me change to x4 CD drive from x8 or go to higher or lower resolution. Also didn’t run as it used to feel. Uninstall option not working and it completes install to quickly.

  3. Anonymous says:

    speed*… not CD drive

  4. The game works fine on my end, no problems at all. Game works on XP, Win98 or 2000

    1. Mount CD with PowerISO, install.
    2. Don’t install DirectX
    3. Play game

    You may also install the patch and video fix, but these are OPTIONAL

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’ve kept the winrar folder… uninstalled via control panel (said it wasn’t installed but gave me the option to remove it from the list)… removed all extracted files via ISO.

    So I’m back to step one.

    I’m using windows 10… Here’s what I did beforehand:

    I unpacked rom1opcg

    Convert CD1.mdf to CD1.iso (just change mdf to iso)

    mounted on iso…

    Opened the mounted iso in “This PC” in the drives to see set-up

    clicked set-up… allowed it to install… (ignored online option because it crashed for me the 2nd time)

    Run game after install

    (After this I started changing compatibities near 1997 (around when the game came out) and run as administrator)…

    Tried to change options on the menu but they’d just restore after the game wouldn’t work.

    I will note that I was also getting some errors before the install that were like the “cinematics” were not found, the patch wasn’t found etc.

  6. Sorry I’m not much help but the best way to go is to install an XP or Win2000 virtual machine

    You will have FAR fewer problems with old games. also, there is a patch and video fix included, but the game works without them on my old XP pc

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