Postal 2 Fudge Pack

Violent fun for the chemically imbalanced.

For those needing their sadism itch scratched, Postal 2 Fudge Pack provides both the original Postal 2 and its expansion pack, plus a huge amount of third-party mods thrown in as part of the A Week in Paradise package. For a full review of Postal 2 you should haul your ass here. For everything that’s exclusive to the Fudge Pack, read on.

Snap1220_1The new armory is the main attraction, including all of the Apocalypse Weekend weapons that can now be found within the original five-day campaign. But the feature bound to invoke the most nausea is the realistic dismemberment model – swords, axes, chainsaws and a bunch of other tools of death can now cut people apart with gruesome glee. It’s basically Christmas for psychos. The only downside to having dismemberment turned on is that it tends to crash the game quite often, though you can disable it as a precaution (but lose out on the virtual gore).

A bunch of other weapons turn up as well – handy revolvers, poison syringes, a silenced submachinegun, a portable nuke and much more. As always, free-roaming through the town while collecting cash and guns is the best part of the experience, partly due to the smarter NPCs and their funny manierisms. People in town now have random conversations with each other, they answer calls and generally act a bit more human this time aorund.

Postal 2 was a vile piece of computer software. If it wasn’t vile enough for you, then RWS’s Fudge Pack should satisfy even the most deranged closeted serial killers among you. Hopefully.

System Requirements: P III 733 MHz, 128 MB RAM, 1.2 GB HDD, 32 MB Video, Win98

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