Mortal Kombat 2

3Two-player beat em up games go back to the early days of gaming, but few series (outside of Tekken) have left a more poignant mark on computer and console players throughout the 90s than Mortal Kombat. The first game of the series was great, but it wasn’t until the sequel came into being that things really took off. You select your character from 12 different fighters, and begin to demolish AI opponents in ever increasing matches. Alternatively, you can test your skills against human opponents on the same computer as well.

Mortal Kombat II is an almost perfect transition from its coin operated arcade original. It’s also just as bloody. Slicing a defeated opponent into bits has never been so much fun. Hell, you can’t really be surprised considering the original game brought the government to pay closer attention to digital products with its rating system. The sequel continued to piss off parents with even more 2D sadism.

The battle moves start out basic but quickly become harder as you’re all but forced to learn more complex key combinations in order to better your opponent. Sure, a few jump kicks, blocks and well timed uppercuts will win early battles, but not the war. Each fighter has his or her own batch of moves, including specialty moves. For instance, each fighter has some sort of missile attack (Raiding shoots lighting), and they also has special melee moves (Liu Kang’s iconic bicycle kick). A campaign consists of defeating every character, ending with the insanely skilled Shao Kahn.

System Requirements: 386/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, 15 MB HDD, DOS

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