Heroes of Might and Magic IV: Winds of War

WoW isn’t breathtakingly expansive for an expansion pack.

The Gathering Storm, the first expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic IV, included 24 campaign scenarios, seven buildings, four creatures, and 16 artifacts. Winds of War has less of everything. The additions are more serviceable than inspiring.

snap92_1For example, five of the six campaigns feel slight at only three scenarios each, and none have much in the way of quests, triggers, or story. The single-scenario final campaign lets you pick one of the heroes from the previous five and use it to defeat the other heroes. It’s a nice idea, but the map takes forever to play, and isn’t much fun. The new creatures aren’t very exciting, either, and of the six new buildings, four are habitats for creatures from The Gathering Storm. In other words, the new buildings feel more obligatory than anything, and that describes Winds of War as well.

System Requirements: Pentium 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Windows 95

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