Hellboy: Dogs of the Night

2_1Developed by Dark Horse Interactive, Hellboy: Dogs of the Night takes you through the world of ancient graveyards and dark dungeons, which withhold all sorts of secrets and riddles to be revealed. The plot will sound familiar to those who’ve read the original comic books – one of your fellow agents went sightseeing somewhere in the backwoods of Czechoslovakia and has mysteriously disappeared. He was last reported scouting on an ancient graveyard. You’re sent to find him and discover what it was that he stumbled on to. The story will then slowly unravel.

OK, so where do I start? The thing I found most irritating was the frustrating control of your handgun (and believe me you’re going to need it, a lot). Firing at the enemy triggers a very confusing camera angle, which makes aiming extremely difficult. Another drawback is that there are no energy or health readouts for the opponents you encounter. So you’ll frequently be shooting like crazy and wasting your precious ammo, not being able to aim properly and not knowing if you damaged or even scratched the enemy.

And speaking of weapons, I have to mention that you’ll be able to gather a simple, but interesting collection of arms. For example, if you are short of weapons you can sometimes use surrounding objects against the brutes. This was rather original, but it hadn’t been used too much. Besides the gun, you will often have to use your gigantic bone-crushing fist. And with that annoying gun-aiming aspect, the fists proved to be much more effective than bullets (making gameplay really nerve-shattering at times). I guarantee you that the only thing you will enjoy using is the magic wand, and just when you get the hang of it, your little journey will abruptly end.

4_1And don’t expect some of those fancy moves from Tomb Raider. Being the tall, red, hellish chilly pepper that he is, Hellboy can’t crouch, jump or dodge. On the other hand, controlling Hellboy won’t be too difficult to grasp as it comes down to walking, running, and punching monsters. The user interface is small and intuitive, granting you quick access to any object you may be carrying. Using items from the inventory is as simple as it gets. You can browse the inventory during gameplay without any annoying pop-up windows that fill the entire screen and slow the game down.

Hellboy doesn’t have much to impress the casual gamer. Its non-intuitive controls and clunky combat make the action more than a little annoying. The game brings nothing new to table and its execution leaves something to be desires as well.

System Requirements: Pentium 75 MHz, 16 MB RAM, Win95

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