FX Fighter

Argonaut Software was one of the original developers of 3D games for the home computer market way back in the mid-80’s. They helped develop the FX Graphics chip on the SNES and were responsible for the 3D shoot-em-up on that platform. With such a background, it comes as no surprise that they were behind the blazingly fast BRender graphics engine.

8rFX Fighter is the first full-fledged game to be released using this engine, and the graphics run (as you would expect) flawlessly on the lower-end 486DX2 computers it was designed for. Really the game is more of a technical than a gameplay achievement, but even as a standard kickfest it plays well if you enjoy this sort of game. There are three modes of play – Single, Versus and Tournament. The level of difficulty in a match against the CPU (just how smart CPU is while responding to your abuse) can be set at a value between 0 to 7.

The available characters are different enough to provide long-lasting enjoyment, each sporting some 40 motion captured moves. There’s the genie who can use his magic forcefield hands to push his opponent out of the ring from a fair distance, the catwoman who is very fast and agile, the praying mantis creature who finds great joy in gnawing on his opponent’s appendages, and others. As with any fighting game, the keyboard is not exactly your ‘ideal’ controller of choice, so a good joystick or gamepad is a definite must if you want to get the most out of this game.

System Requirements: 486DX/33MHz, 4MB RAM, 16 MB HDD, DOS 5.0

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