Ford Racing 2001

Snap122Product placement overload.

Empire Interactive may not have a lot of experience in the racing sim arena, but that hasn’t stopped them from landing a choice license based on the Ford Racing team. Developed internally, Ford Racing focuses on 12 cars from Ford Motor Company’s US and European road car models. Ford’s Taurus is one of the featured vehicles, along with the Mustang, Focus, F-Series, Explorer, GT90, and several more.

With real cars featured you would expect a genuine physics engine, but no. The game falls instead somewhere between an arcade racer and a sim, with crap collision modelling, no sense of speed, no real customization or real-world tracks. In fact there’s very little here to distract from the general sense of tolerable blandness.

The game includes a career mode that will start you out as a rookie driver competing in amateur-class events. Success will build on your reputation and allow you to take place in more prestigious races, and eventually you will be offered a contract to race for a team. Success at the team level opens the way to the next class of Championship, as well as unlocking new cars and races. By default you get access to three races and four cars.

System Requirements: Pentium 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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