Extreme Assault

9_1Archimedean Dynasty Extreme.

Extreme Assault feels like a roided up version of Archimedean Dynasty. The same engine is used, has the same basic controls, and many of the same qualities that made that submarine combat game fun can be found here. But Extreme Assault takes to the skies and ground, as you pilot a souped up arcade style attack chopper and a fast, deadly hover tank. This isn’t a sim by any means; there are power-ups, secret bonuses, end bosses and all the old standards of arcade action.

In Extreme Assault, rumors of an alien invasion send you out on missions through a variety of landscapes, both above and below the ground. Vast tunnels, alien factories, lava pits, small towns and forests are all waiting to be blown up in pursuit of the foul aliens who wish the Earth for themselves. There are enemy helicopters and fighter jets, gun turrets, jeeps, giant robots, mechanical spiders, drones and air mines to overcome by the hundreds, and several different guns and missiles to find, power-up and utilize.

The game contains around 50 missions, and most of them are intentionally short and explosive. The game automatically saves after completion of a mission as well and there is no option to save during a mission, though it wasn’t much of a problem with this title. There are four difficulty levels, but the game is structured so that you can only see the later areas on the harder settings, which is an obnoxious limitation to have.

The graphics in Extreme Assault are some of the best in any non-accelerated game. It has a wide range of resolution and detail options to allow it to run on many systems, supports 3Dfx can run under both DOS and Win95. Control for both vehicles is super smooth and responsive, but the game lacks proper support for advanced joysticks, though it does have a Thrustmaster mode. Unfortunately you it doesn’t work very well with a Sidewinder.

1_1There are a few annoyances, but they’re not to extreme. For example some of the missions must be done in a specific manner or else you can’t win them and your commanding officer’s voice (by the same guy who did such a great job with AD’s hardboiled science fiction narrative) is woefully over dramatic here.

None of the problems in the game can take away from the fun of playing Extreme Assault. It’s pure mindless action with excellent looking levels, a huge explosion count (virtually everything in the game is combustible) and it’s simply an enormously entertaining game.

System Requirements: 80486DX4 100 MHz, 16 MB RAM, MSDOS 5.0

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