If you’re a fan of both adventure and action games, Ecstatica – an odd experiment of early 3D technology – will probably be to your liking. The game offers an interesting balance between action and adventure that will send you through an odd medieval village in Northern England.

9You are a solitary traveler seeking shelter in the village of Tirich, a small community set now deserted because of demons summoned by a witch. Your only chance of survival is to find out who is behind all of it, and somehow put an end to it. You will have to fight for your life against giant spiders, minotaurs, gnomes, werewolves, etc.. either hand to hand or with weapons that you will find in the village. During your exploration of the village, you will discover helpful clues in your quest against the evil forces.

Everything in the game of Ecstatica is rendered using 3D spheres or ellipsoids, giving it a very odd visual style. On a deeper level, the game reminds one of Alone in the Dark with its many camera angles and combat system. Except here you don’t have an inventory, but can carry only two items at once.

The atmosphere of Ecstatica is tense, nearly oppressive and the macabre music and sounds reinforce this impression. The visuals haven’t aged that well, obviously, but it is nonetheless a workable adventure game. A very interesting feature when saving a game, lets you visualize in a small window where your location is. It is just more intuitive than a sentence commentary that we usually add to a saved game.

System Requirements: 486/66 Mhz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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