Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty

6Under the Westwood helm, Dune II essentially helped kickstart the real-time strategy craze. The game encompasses the same universe inspired by the Frank Herbert novel, though there isn’t all that much tying the game’s campaign to the book, plot-wise. But you do get a ton of action, with three sides to choose from (the shady Harkonnen, ‘noble’ Atreides or the greedy Ordos), and that Westwood charm that made the game, and it’s indirect sequel (Command & Conquer), one of the most beloved RTS titles in history.

Spice is essential to everyday life. Not only does it make your food taste better, but it can also aid interstellar space travel by greatly extending one’s lifespan. The Emperor has agreed to cede ownership of the Spice-rich planet Dune to any side that can provide the highest quantity of the venerable resource, and your job – regardless of which side you choose – is to mine the planet dry whilst simultaneously blasting the opposition from doing the same.

Both the interface and gameplay are classic C&C tier stuff, so anyone that has ever touched a Command & Conquer game should find Dune II reasonably accessible. You build up your base, send your harvester out to fetch resources, and use the cash earned this way to buy better gear and units. The campaign is merciful in that it unlocks the tech tree in a gradual manner, so each mission will have something new you can toy around with – a move that makes the game more interesting, but also less overwhelming. The end result is a fun, fast RTS game from the dawn of computer gaming.

System Requirements: 80386 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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