Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Yuri’s Revenge

A great add-on that will totally re-energize the game.


The Soviets frantically set up their base.

Whether you played the Allied or Soviet campaign in RA2, it soon became clear that Yuri was the real villain of the piece. In Yuri’s Revenge, Soviet and Allied forces each get one new seven-mission campaign in which to defeat him for good after his re-emergence, supported by a range of psychic toys.

You’ll probably notice the campaigns first. They’re a little short, and while campy new cut-scenes once again feature Udo Kier and Kari Wuhrer. the missions themselves aren’t quite as interesting. That said, they’re still nice, and Westwood’s included 10 campaign missions exclusively set up for co-op.

What you really want to hear about, though, are the new units, and here Yuri’s Revenge delivers over 30. Allied players get, among others, the new Guardian G.I., a soldier that can erect a mobile bunker to protect him from tanks, and the new Robot Tank, immune from enemy mind-control attacks. New Soviet highlights include a super-unit called Boris, who can call in airstrikes on structures from long range, and an Industrial Center that radically speeds up the production of units and buildings.

But all the coolest new gadgets belong to Yuri himself. Yuri doesn’t have any powerful conventional units, but ones that rely on psychic warfare, with new Mastermind tanks that can seize control of multiple foes; Psychic Towers that do the same to vehicles as they close in on a Yuri base; and Slave Miners, mobile ore facilities that employ armies of zombified slaves to manually dig Tiberium out of the earth with shovels. Also, Yuri’s mob now incorporates a little genetic trickery, with gene-altered Brute infantry units able to smash tanks with their fists.


In version 1.0 you get TV parodies with hilarious voices tagging along, like Arnnie here.

Lower points include the usual lack of a speed slider in the campaign missions to slow things down for the average player or just give you more time to think during combat. The multiplayer side of Yuri’s Revenge is definitely aimed at the more advanced player as well — a small battery of carefully placed psychic units can easily annihilate a huge tank force by turning them against one another.

All in all, it’s a pretty impressive achievement for an expansion pack. The Yuri units will shake to its foundations the way Red Alert 2 is played, so I advise you to start familiarizing yourself with them ASAP.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 Mhz, 64 MB RAM, SVGA, Windows 95

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