2Created and published by Monolith (the folks who brought you Blood) Claw features a swashbuckling story of high adventure on the Spanish main, starring Captain Claw, a cartoon cat with a sword. It seems Captain Claw has been captured by scurvy sea-dogs (literally), and has to fight his way to safety and save his men, while recovering treasures and collecting the pieces of a treasure map to discover the nine lives amulet. Power-ups like catnip mousies can make you invincible, and you’ll pick up time-limited swords that can freeze your enemies or electrocute them.

Aside from the freakish ability to walk on two legs and speak fluent English, your character has the ability to jump high into the air, send out magic blasts, and cap his enemies with a pistol. In short, you’ve played this game many, many times before. One novelty is the ability to pick up your enemies and heave ‘em into other baddies (or onto spiked floors), but Claw moves so slowly when hoisting a bad guy that there’s no time to maneuver.

Levels are completely run-of-the-mill. There are lots and lots of jumping puzzles, where you must bound from floating platform to floating platform without missing a beat — otherwise, you have to start again (or die). In several instances throughout the game, dropping down into the screen in a leap of faith will plop you into a pool of tar, forcing you to start over.

Overall this is a fairly simple and straightforward platforming adventure, with none of the violence or humor we’ve seen in Blood. Nice, innocent and sanitized fun from Monolith.

System Requirements: 486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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