Armored Fist 2 – Hints and Tips

From the jungles of the Congo to the frozen wastes of Siberia, tanks are on the roll and missions must be completed in Novalogic’s Armored Fist 2. Whether playing on easy or realistic, missions can be difficult and the following briefings should help bring your tank platoons home.


1. Operation Provide Relief
2. Operation Siberian Fist
3. Operation Secure Peace

Operation Provide Relief

4Rollout is a rather difficult first mission; the firefights can be quite challenging for your platoon. The biggest threat, however, will come near the “Open Arms” compound. Try eliminating the initial forces with your platoon and save artillery and air support for the large force of tanks just south of camp.

Chaperone involves convoy escort. The convoy is rather fast, so keep your platoon up near the front. Fire and destroy any enemy units before they can get behind your units and into attack range of the convoy.

At the beginning of Clean Sweep, the few scattered units can be taken out with the platoon’s guns. Upon entering the gully, call in artillery strikes on the first group of armored units. Move up the gully, calling in Apache air support and staying close to the hills for added cover. Finish off the remaining tanks, calling in another artillery strike if needed.

In Ambuscade, the initial opponents should be dispatched quickly, and you should keep your vehicles moving at a rapid pace while firing. Slow your progression near Objective Martin where the main column of enemy tanks will be found. After sighting the column, call for repeated artillery strikes and lay down smoke. Pick off any stragglers or units heading in your direction to complete the mission.

Wipeout has a supply depot as the main target of the mission. First take out the roving BMPs and tanks. Once the depot is reached, hold back and call in artillery and the air strikes; these should take out a good chunk of the base and its defenses. Make sure to switch targeting to Hot Threat or Last Attacker so you can distinguish between buildings and actual threats.

Watchmen is another convoy mission with your platoon guarding from the hills above. A large group of T-72s will be encountered across the gully and should be dispatched as quickly as possible (the convoy will continue on, oblivious to what is occurring around it). When the group is sighted call in an artillery barrage and an A-10 air strike. A cover of smoke should help defend your vulnerable position on top of the ridge.

8The last Congo mission is called Endgame. Stay to the east of the planned route, approaching the enemy base from the east. Take out the Hinds first and camp out east of the base, calling in artillery strikes and taking long range shots at stationary T-80s and BMPs. Next, concentrate on destroying the buildings and other objectives. Slowly head closer into the base where you will encounter more defensive units. Call in your Apache air strike for help and use your remaining firepower to destroy the non-hostile buildings and command center.

Operation Siberian Fist

In the wastelands of Siberia the first mission, Flattop, takes two M1A2 tank platoons in to capture an enemy airfield. As you approach the air base beware of a minefield which can cause havoc with the tank treads. Defeat the units surrounding the base, using the hills for cover and as high ground from which to fire down on the enemy.

5As your platoons roll out in Lookout, watch for an initial pair of armored patrols which can easily be dispatched. Continuing along the waypoints will send your platoons close to an enemy Forward Observation Base (FOB). Stay back and call in an artillery strike on the enemy FOB, making sure your tanks are not sitting ducks on the hills. Your base will then come under attack, so send your platoons speeding back towards home. Call in another artillery and air strike while slowly picking off the enemy tanks from a distance. Watch your flanks as well.

Enemy artillery strikes can be very deadly in Catapult. After crossing Phase Line Shotgun be prepared for a couple of artillery barrages which can quickly wipe out your two platoons. Hold back and keep the pace slow until after the attacks. A tank barricade will obstruct the route further up ahead so cut to the right of it, blasting away at the armored units that are near it. With no air support, use your artillery strikes against the large groups of armor. Do not worry about the various artillery and SCUD mission goals until all the hostile offensive units are destroyed.

Homecoming is a race to reach FOB Fisher before the enemy does. This relatively easy mission can be successfully completed by keeping a very fast pace and avoiding the patrols encountered along the way. Try not to stick around and wipe up enemy units, for the winning goal is to move any of your armored units into the base.

6FOB Fisher is under assault with only two platoons for its defense in the mission Goal Line. Keep your second platoon located near the base for an eventual enemy assault. Take your first platoon towards the east, following the waypoints and attacking the approaching enemies. Shift back to the second platoon if units get within firing range of the base.

Launch Pad takes you after retreating rebels. First contact with the enemy takes place in a village to the east of the starting position. Use artillery strikes to level the village and any units positioned there, then move in.

Three platoons are yours to command in Standoff, a large scale “winner take all” battle in the snow and ice. Try to keep units to the north and take cover along the hills, picking off any enemy units that are spotted. Use full artillery and air units when the main force is encountered while keeping your tanks concealed. You’ll win by slowly decreasing the enemy; a tank rush in this mission is suicide.

Operation Secure Peace

7Valley of Death puts your platoons smack in the middle of the two sides shooting it out with a convoy caught in between. The element of surprise is useful here. Heading up the valley will put you into the crossfire and wipe out many of your units. Head to the north, picking off units from the flanks. A lucky approach will find the Hinds on the ground where they can be destroyed easily along with several armored units if caught by surprise. Continue on to the remains of the attacked convoy and dispatch any more hostiles, being careful not to shoot the neutral units (gray).

Echo Company is in charge of capturing an air base in Blitzkrieg. Immediately attack any sighted enemies while moving forward to Waypoint Bravo. Call in Air Support and take on the tanks in the valley and any sighted bunkers on the hills. Hold all remaining units and then use a little finesse. Move a tank to Waypoint Charlie and get a glimpse of the group of armored units to the north. Quickly call in artillery fire and retreat down the hill. Repeat this procedure until the units have been severely crippled. Move the platoons into the base, taking out artillery units and any remaining bunkers.

Caravan puts you smack in between two forces considered hostile. Upon reaching Waypoint Bravo halt the second platoon and move slowly forward so that both gray and red units are observed. Back down the hill so you can barely observe the enemies and slowly pick off units from either side until all in range are destroyed. Scattered remnants may be picked off as you continue on to the FOB.

9King of the Hill is one of harder mission in this campaign. The second platoon seems to have its mind made up to be slaughtered, so hold it at the start. Move one unit up east of the directed path until the hill with the artillery is spotted. You should be able to eliminate most of the goals and a few other armored units as well without getting fired upon yourself. Watch your back for a platoon of enemies coming from the north. Take both platoons slowly back to the west and approach the hill from that side, using plenty of smoke for defense and artillery strikes for offense.

Taking an enemy base chock full of artillery is the goal of Spearhead. Immediately upon starting hold back the second platoon and dispatch the onrushing armored vehicles with the first platoon. Gray units are enemies and should be dispatched along with the reds. Start up the second platoon and head for the enemy base, making sure to eliminate the T-72s and T-80s before hitting the artillery batteries.

Salvation ends the conflict in Belarus and turns into an all-out slugfest. Switching between platoons is key in this mission as your base will be assaulted from both the north and south. Call in the Apaches immediately or they will be destroyed on the ground. This also goes for artillery, which can be used against the attacking wave to the north. Repeated targeting and firing win this mission.