Alien Incident

14It’s Halloween and your uncle is testing his latest invention, a device which opens a rift between Earth and everywhere else in the universe. An alien entity makes its way to Earth through the rift, but the real problem is that this entity is pursued by an Shot1 alien warship… the contents of which don’t appreciate their hunt being interrupted. Then, the disgruntled aliens beam down a team to capture the one responsible for their predicament – your uncle! You aren’t noticed hiding in the lab; and so, your quest begins…

Game Tek’s Alien Incident must have been developed with the fledgling gamer in mind, and in that sense seems to be going in the right direction. Along with its clever animation and interesting storyline, it reinforces to the new or younger gamer the idea that fun, challenging gameplay doesn’t have to include violence. Parents will love this one.

The tone of the game is well established very early and nicely maintained throughout. You cannot hope to rescue your uncle and thwart the plans of the aliens without some obstacles, so there is, of course, the usual gathering and intelligent deployment of assorted objects for puzzle solutions.

On the down side, Alien Incident seems to crash and lock up every now and then. But even when this happens, the game has an automatic recovery system. For instance, if the game crashes for whatever reason, the next time you start the game you’ll find it has performed a “disaster save,” and asks if you want to start where you left off. But when it works right, this non-violent diversion can carry the traditional adventure torch quite competently.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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