Airfix: Dogfighter

Similar in concept to 3DO’s Army Men series, Airfix Dogfighters brings to life toy airplanes and tanks that battle it out in living rooms and other locations. It’s an arcade flying game that lets you fly 17 model aircraft, based on actual Airfix plastic kits, for a series of awesomely destructive missions set in typical suburban house locales.

You’ll find many of the hardcore simulation staples here: US Dauntless, P-51 Mustang; RAF Spitfire, Typhoon, and Hurricane; German ME 109, Stuka, and ME 262 Swallow. Just don’t expect the same level of detail in terms of moving control surfaces (you’ll find none here — you don’t even get a working rudder) and realistic flight models. Planes differ only in basic ways such as speed, fuel consumption, firepower, and armor.

9_1The single-player campaign consists of 10 missions of increasing difficulty, which you can fly as either the Allies or Axis. Hilariously, destroying various breakable objects will uncover power-ups including new glue and paint that will aid your cause. The robust multiplayer options include a paint editor to customize your aircraft and a room editor to build your own household battlefields. While somewhat limited in sheer numbers of decals, colors, and 3D objects you can use, both are a snap to use and could give the game a good lifespan on your hard drive.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 64 MB RAM, Win95

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