William Shatner’s TekWar

Each mission in Tekwar starts you off with an FMV sequence of Walter Basscom (Shatner) briefing you on your current assignment. After the briefing, you are left in a subway station. From there, you must find your way to the Teklord you were assigned to bring in by collecting keys, and exploring the, at times gritty, metropolis of “New LA”. Unlike the demo version of Tekwar, you can fully explore each stop on the subway system, but watch out for the smelly Tek junkie on the train with “I will work for Tek” written on a brown paper bag and tied around his neck over a beaten and filth ridden coat. Tekwar conveys a real “big city” feel.

2The detail directed towards the levels is quite impressive at times. Bathrooms are accurate down to the handicapped stalls, and when you look into the mirror on the wall, you’ll see a reflection of yourself. Oh, and you can shoot the mirror out if you like, and all of this could be done quite before Duke 3D was released. In certain points of the game, you can actually swim underwater. This looks VERY impressive. At one point you go into an underwater tunnel with glass walls. Looking left and right, you’ll notice a few fish swimming about.

There’s a real feeling of depth when you look out of a window high up on the 9th floor of a building. You can blow windows out and start shooting goons, or just jump through them. In some cases, that’s they only way you’ll get into a building without getting ambushed. Where Tekwar is not so pretty is in the FMV video intro and breifings. They just look too grainy. A shame, because the rest of this product looks so good all things considered, and only the video looks like crap.

Trekwar tries and succeeds in bringing some new stuff, but the final result is pretty meager – a working and ocasionally good Doom clone, but nothing that really screams ‘classic.  Players who never get tired of this sort of thing will probably like it.

System Requirements: 486/33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, DOS

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