Neighbors from Hell: On Vacation

5While reality shows have become widely consumed on TV, they haven’t made many inroads into computer games, at least until Neighbors from Hell. The truth is the premise doesn’t really matter here, and the reality show is more of a shtick to get the humor across. You take on the role of Woody, the star of a reality television show, and in each “episode†you try to play pranks on your neighbor. In the first game you were confined to his house, but in the sequel you stalk him across several exotic holiday resorts.

Tricks are usually simple things. You can drop a banana peel on the floor so your neighbor slips and falls. He gets angry and you get a score. You can rake up said score even further if you can tie together several of these devious tricks in quick succession. You do this by finding mundane items scattered around the place and using it on the environment. It takes a few goes to figure out which item goes used where, but after you learn the combinations, it’s simply a matter of solving the puzzles as quickly as possible without getting caught.

The first Neighbors from Hell was confined to a single location, which made it rather stale a few levels in. Here the game is much more varied, and the level artwork and claymotion-like animations are as beautiful as always. But at the end of it all, the sequel brings little novelty that wasn’t already amply treated in the first iteration. It’s still mildly funny, interesting and somewhat rewarding as a pleasant lazy afternoon time-waster.

System Requirements: Pentium III 1 GHz, 128 MB RAM, Win95

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