Iron Helix

8Iron Helix is a sci-fi game loosely similar to System Shock, where you attempt to outwit a computer AI gone haywire and set out to kill you, a lonely nobody lost in a large, empty spacecraft. The interface is a blast from the past. Whereas most modern games attempt to keep the action screen as large as possible, Iron Helix (as well as many other 90s titles), plasters everything, including movement options and the main menu, all over your monitor. The action area where you actually see what’s going on in the game world is located in the upper left corner, for example.

Helix plays well, if a bit rough. The general atmosphere of this game is futuristically dark, moody as you roam across deserted command consoles, service shafts and even the crew’s bathrooms and living quarters. You have to stop the ship before it reaches its destination, while you avoid The Defender robot. If it sees you, it zaps you; pretty simple.

The game is played in a series of phases, the first phase is to locate strands of DNA for three of the highest ranking officers on the ship. These DNA strands are used to gain access to different levels of the ship. The second phase is to locate two video messages left by the crew, before they were killed. The messages hold information on code sequences to destroy the defender and to destroy the ship. The third phase is figuring out how to defeat the Defender, which can be quite rewarding if you do it right. Arriving there, however, takes a lot of research, running around, solving puzzles and stealthily navigating around the ship.

System Requirements: 80486/33 MHz, 8 MB RAM, Win3.1

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