In Pursuit of Greed

Greed may not be a virtue, but it’s definitely a Doom clone.

snap22In Pursuit of Greed does deviate ever-so-slightly from the tragically tired Doom formula. First off, the levels are set up as missions, with the player being forced to retrieve certain items instead of merely finding an exit (said exit appears when you’ve retrieved enough things). The level design is repetitive, but there are three distinct worlds to kill things in, each featuring different creatures. Like Hexen, you can choose different starting characters, each of which start with different weapons and skills.

There are even a couple of features Greed has that others don’t. First up is the legendary “A.S.S. cam”, which allows you to see behind you, which is more useful in multi-player play than the actual game, due to the usual non-existent enemy AI. Second, the monsters and items regenerate throughout a level, which may or may not be a good thing. They do offer a distraction when you’re looking for that one door you’ve missed when trying to complete the level.

None of this really elevates In Pursuit of Greed beyond the usual Doom clone, and the game is unfortunately some two years late to the party. It’s not a particularly irredeemable game, just somewhat formulaic and woefully outdated.

System Requirements: 80486DXv 66MHz, 8 MB RAM, 35 MB HDD, MSDOS

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