Flying Saucer

Is it true that the United States government is somewhat behind an alien plot to destroy the world? This is one question that is raised in AnyRiver’s craptastic shooter / flight simulator / action game in which you pilot a UFO (at which point you probably identify it and spoil its name). You plummet into an alien war and find the fate of the Earth on your shoulders.

In a curious twist, the game dredges up and incorporates actual UFO data. From abduction reports (fond fodder of The National Enquirer), to alien descriptions and accounts from Area 51 Research Center experts, Flying Saucer attempts to create as based-in-reality a scenario as possible about the question of UFOs.

2You play Boone, whose girlfriend Emily has been abducted by alien forces. You must travel from Antarctica to Gizah to Tikal to the Bermuda Triangle in an effort to rectify what’s been going on between the alien species, the Greys, and the Government’s Advanced Security Agency (ASA). The game starts when you enter the UFO and lift off. The game leads through 22 terrestrial and extra-terrestrial missions, where you have to fight the military jets as well as an alien race called the “Cyners”. These tentacle creatures hunt the greys (the friendly aliens) and want to destroy the earth. Your mission is to stop them.

System Requirements: Pentium II 233 MHz, 32 MB RAM, Win95

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