3D Ultra Minigolf

By surpassing the real thing, Sierra has taken the approach they did in the 3D Ultra Pinball games and spiced up the traditional obstacle-course methods of putt-putt with plenty of fun animation and actions you’d not see in a real-life setting. One hole has lava traps instead of water traps, another has you play along a road under construction, dodging steamrollers and other heavy machinery. The emphasis here is on fast action and good fun, a combination you don’t usually see in golf games.

snap137_1And the game has variety, because without it things would be bleak indeed. You are given 18 different holes, all with completely different themes. The problem is, a few times through the holes and you’ve used up most of the surprises, and start to suffer from repetition. Whereas in the 3D Ultra Pinball games you kept discovering new things for quite a while, the slower pace of Minigolf (plus the variety of environments) means it’s easier to uncover its surprises earlier. Then all that’s left is the play, and there’s not enough of it.

You can play normal MiniGolf, Hole-by-Hole (scored like real golf, designed for two or more players), or race (fastest time through the course). The biggest technical complaint revolves around the viewpoints the game provides. When you hit the ball the view changes to a pre-rendered view of the hole; probably because of the detail of the environments these views are fixed. While the angles are plentiful, they don’t always point to the location you want to send your golf-ball.

If you’re looking for a good family or party game, or are a particular fan of putt-putt/mini golf, then 3-D Ultra Minigolf may be for you, but for the rest of us there just isn’t enough gameplay to provide more than a few days of fun.

System Requirements: 80486DX2 66 Mhz, 8 MB RAM, Win95

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