Sid Meier’s Civilization

Widely regarded as the best classic strategy game ever.

12There have been many game programmers out there – Richard Garriot, Derek Smart, John Romero, Chris Roberts – that have turned into mini celebrities as a result of the game’s they’ve helped put together. One of the earliest programmers turned game design legend is Sid Meier, making a name for himself with such classics as Pirates!, Railroad Tycoon and F-15 Strike Eagle (back in the days of the Commodore 64). Despite his previous success, the original Civilization was his crowning glory.

Right up there with SimCity and Populous, it is often regarded as one of the finer strategy games ever. Few games are good enough to appeal to virtually anyone, regardless of their usual preferences, and few still are good enough to convert even ardent haters of the genre, but Civilization has succeeded on both fronts.

The idea is simple on first appearance – take control of an emerging civilization in the year 4000 BC, and lead it to per-eminence by either destroying any rivals or by being the first to successfully colonize the new world. However, the sheer open-endedness of the thing – which gives you so many different ways to approach your task – makes it not only challenging but extremely replayable too. And despite its apparent complexity, it’s surprisingly easy to learn the ropes. This Windows version corrects the original’s major faults, replacing the EGA visuals with improved graphics and sound effects.

System Requirements: 8088 / 8086 CPU, 640 MB RAM, DOS 4.0

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