Alien Rampage

Rampage is a bloody 2D action platformer that was only moderately successful when released. The game is a simple blend of combat and occasional puzzle solving, taking place in an alien-themed world..


If blowing stuff up in 2D is your thing…

Combat is pretty standard fare. The controls let you shoot sideways, up, down or crouched. The Moorgs, a breed of harmless ape-like creatures, are your cowardly allies that occasionally follow you around and open doors. Moorgs won’t die in a firefight and they essentially make up one of the game’s puzzle solving elements, often needing to be dragged in certain locations for you to progress. Hidden keys, locked doors and barred passages are common in this game but are usually easy to solve. The enemy aliens come in all shapes and sizes and all explode in a cool shower of blood and body parts.

Navigating through the 2D world is a little tricky with the constricted and wobbly camera. Strangely, you can scroll the camera up to see what’s above your character but never below, generating frustration when jumping over obstacles (you never quite know what’s ahead or below). Another issue has to do with walls and objects that obscure your character far too often on some levels. It’s hard to make a good jump if you can’t see your character after all. Checkpoints are evenly distributed and you can respawn any number of times (you’ll only lose a handful of gold coins that are used to buy weapons and ammo).

Rampage is a good game that came out in an age of dwindling interest towards platformers The mid 90’s saw the rise of mainstream 3D action games, resulting in fewer than expected sales on Softdisk’s behalf. The game ran fine under DosBox with the exception of one or two crashes I’ve experienced when saving.

System Requirements: Intel 486 Processor, 8 MB RAM, MS-DOS 6.2

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